A Complete Childcare Center

We are open:  Monday through Friday

6:00am to 6:00 pm

We care for children ages 6 weeks to 14 years.

Since 1995 Blocks to Books Children’s Center has successfully cared for children of the greater Raymond area.  We are a full-service childcare and early childhood educational center. We proudly offer a safe, caring, educational, and fun environment for children in the greater Raymond area.

Blocks to Books Children’s Center welcomes children, families, and staff of all abilities. Blocks to Books Children’s Center is pleased to make support and educational resources available for its families and staff. Blocks to Books Children’s Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Our expansive, 2,000 square foot Raymond NH childcare area center provides the following classrooms for specific age groups, ensuring strong focus on age appropriate activities and each developmental level.

Creation Time

Our Infant Room provides exceptional childcare and comfort for your baby with separate high chairs, as well as small tables and chairs for infants of all ages and abilities. Our quiet nap room and playroom provide plenty of room to roll around, sit-up, and crawl.

Our Toddler Room’s appealing, age appropriate, educational books and toys encourage youngsters’ growing awareness about the world around them. An adjacent bathroom is specially designed for potty training.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Room features a multitude of project supplies – from paints to craft items – to promote children’s natural creativity and curiosity. Manipulatives including blocks, puzzles, and Legos foster dexterity and imagination. Our learning center’s materials provide access to dramatic play, kitchen, and toys that promote teachable moments to make learning fun!

Our School Aged Area is well equipped with age appropriate games, books, and toys. A quiet area allows youngsters to focus on homework assignments.